Millstone Semolina Pasta - Millstone

Our latest product innovation is a Wheat Semolina flour that forms part of our speciality flour range. With an exponential increase on import costs, we felt it time to add Wheat Semolina flour to our significant portfolio of products. It was also in part due to the rising demand for Semolina flours – already an established local commodity amongst millers and bakers producing traditional South African goods.

Not only does our Millstone Wheat Semolina Flour provide bakers with a competitively priced option produced in South Africa, but it complements our versatile range of artisanal flours with its uniquely nutty flavour. When blended with our Millstone Farina “00” Flour, Millstone Wheat Semolina Flour is the preferred flour for making authentic Italian pasta. In fact, the texture of our Wheat Semolina flour helps to bind pasta dough effectively and improves the dough colour.

Yield 200g: 40 portions
Yield 150g: 44 portions

Mixing time: 12 minutes
Resting of pasta (in fridge): 3 hours
Cook time/batch: ± minutes depending on thickness and rest time


  • 2 kg Millstone Semolina Wheat Flour
  • 3 kg Millstone Farina “00” Flour
  • ±45 Eggs, medium sized
  • 100 g Olive oil


  1. Start by adding all the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl.
  2. On medium speed, using a dough hook, start adding in the eggs – about 12 eggs at a time to incorporate them gradually into the dough.
  3. Add in the olive oil halfway through the mixing process.
  4. The total mixing time including the incorporating of the eggs should be close to 12 minutes. You don’t want to over mix the dough – it must be smooth yet firm enough to hold its shape.
  5. Once mixed, remove dough from the mixing bowl, wrap in cling film and rest for ±3 hours in a fridge or cold room.
  6. Once rested, remove dough from the cling film, place on a floured surface and portion into equal sizes.
  7. You are now ready to start rolling out your desired pasta type and shape.
  8. Remember to lightly dust the rolled-out pasta pieces with some extra Millstone Semolina Wheat Flour, as this will enhance the flavour of the pasta.
  9. Fresh, uncooked pasta must be dry to the touch before placing it in boiling water to cook.
  10. Fresh pasta only needs 2 minutes to cook. Cooking times may vary depending on the thickness of the pasta and the type of pasta that you are cooking.