About Us - Millstone


Consistent quality since 2000

Millstone was established in 2000, following a chance encounter between our three founders and an acquaintance with a passion for milling. Since then, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring bakers a range of products they can rely on to deliver consistent results. We even went so far as to import authentic Italian machinery.

At the core of our offering is authentic stone-ground artisan flour which is thought to be more nutritionally sound and flavourful. Due to high demand, though, we have expanded our offering to include conventional flours for professional kitchens.

Part of what makes our range superior is the stringent quality control that goes into everything we do.
Both our Golfetto and Agrex stone mill have been imported specially from Italy with authentic superiority in mind.

We make sure that only the best ingredients go into our flours from reliable, compliant suppliers. Our ranges are all free from all processing aids, chemicals or artificial preservatives. So, you can rest assured your baked goods will come out as expected time and again.