Our Expertise - Millstone


Since 2000, we have built Millstone Flour from the ground up and developed lasting relationships with some of South Africa’s top professional bakers, chefs, foodservice and hospitality personnel, as well as restauranteurs. Our success can be attributed to four core values that we have built our business on.


We apply a systematic approach to quality in an effort to ensure every batch of Millstone Flour consistently performs as it should. Everything that goes into our products is tested regularly in our state-of-the-art Test Bakery and Laboratory. Through routine inspections and the continuous implementation of best practice we are able to maintain the highest standard of food safety.


Strict testing and precise processes have been fine-tuned over the last decade to ensure we deliver nothing but the highest quality flour. Every product we produce meets the highest international food safety requirements, from the carefully considered sourcing of local and international wheat, to our precise Golfetto and stone milling methods.


At Millstone, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our products and service offering. The technique we use to produce our stone ground flour is designed to retain as much of the natural goodness from the wheat kernel, without compromising the quality of our flour. This ensures our flours contain optimally damaged starch to achieve excellent water absorption for desired consistency, while providing a more profitable bottom line.


At the core of our business lies a passion for milling that goes beyond quality. We endeavour to create lasting relationships with professionals within the industry by delivering authentic products that instil trust in us. Your success is our success, so we welcome the opportunity to work with you to improve your baking results and business as a whole. We are open to developing custom products tailormade to your unique business needs. Contact us to arrange a free test bake.