The Meaning of Flour - Millstone

Every year on the 20th of March, the flour industry around the globe celebrates World Flour Day. Founded by the infamous World Flour Museum in 2019, the idea behind this day is to celebrate the significance of flour – in our lives, our food, our businesses and on a global scale. After all, flour is one of the most widely used resources that can be found in many of the world’s foods. From cakes and pastries to pastas and breads, flour is a key ingredient that not only binds baked goods but brings people together.

While we often feature our customers and their stories on our blog, this World Flour Day, we take a look at what flour means to us as a business and how far we’ve come in our journey.

Flour is our world. We eat, sleep and breathe it! But what does it mean to us? What instantly comes to mind is: family.

The Meaning of Flour

As a family-run business, we are as passionate about family as we are about flour! Not just those related to us by blood but the work-family that we’ve built at our factory too – these people are the lifeblood of our business and have been a driving factor behind our success. Did you know that collectively, our management staff alone have over 150 years of milling experience?! We’re constantly learning from one another, growing and innovating to bring our customers the very best products.

Let’s not forget the relationships that we’ve spent years cultivating amongst South Africa’s top professional bakers, chefs, foodservice and hospitality personnel. We are all the richer as a business for having met these individuals and are proud to supply them with Millstone Flour – flour you can rely on to deliver consistent results.

Our passion for perfection and milling is what sparked the family business back in 2000. Our founding members, brothers Kevin and David Deana and business partner Mark Essery, bought a traditional Italian stone mill and Just Flour Mills. Thus, Millstone Flour was born!

Today, the scale of our business has grown significantly. So much so, that our mill, which houses an Agrex stonemill and Golfetto mill, both imported from Italy, has the storage capacity of up to 12 000 tonnes of wheat in our many silos at any given time. Just one of our stone mills produces up to 25 tonnes per day, whilst Golfetto mill has the capacity to produce up to 150 tonnes of specialty flour daily.

While our offering speaks to an industrial scale, our milling process talks to the root of our business, the aspect that truly sets us apart: authenticity.

Our stoneground flour process is designed to maintain as much of the natural goodness and content of the wheat kernel whilst not compromising the quality of the flour. The technique we use ensures a high water absorption and optimal starch damage for desired consistency, while providing a more profitable bottom line.

The result? A reliable range of quality flours that are free from processing aids, chemicals and artificial preservatives.

We have been nourishing the South African nation with our wholesome and nutritious flour for over 20 years… And in that time our relationship with flour has grown from love to passion. Flour has shaped our lives and brought us to a space we never dreamed possible – all thanks to our loyal customers. Our success is your success, and we can’t wait for what the next 20 years brings us. We look forward to bringing our customers a range of Millstone Flours that you can trust to deliver quality and consistency.