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That’s What Delish Real Food Company Is About

Baking made easy – that’s what the Delish Real Food Company strive for through their flour pre-mixes: A range of 26 variants that come ready-made for baking.

The whole idea behind this range is to simplify the baking process by pre-mixing all the dry ingredients. So, one need simply add wet ingredients to the pre-mix and it’s ready to bake! The convenient nature of these pre-mixes also makes them ideal for the camping market who can easily use a cast iron pot to bake the variant in a braai. In fact, some of their most loyal customers are based in the camping sector.

When Delish Real Food Company was born in 2013, they had only 4 pre-mixes. Today this family run business, based in Kya Sands, Randburg, are taking South Africa by storm. With their products reaching as far at the Kruger National Park shops, in 140 camping sites, 160 Spar stores, selected Pick ‘n Pay stores, several lodges, ATKV resorts, Butcheries and Farm stalls Nationally and Outdoor Warehouse stores nationwide, it’s easy to see why. They even sponsor Sleepsaam & All Out Camping on Social media website with 62 000+ active followers.

You might have heard about Delish Real Food Company as a subsidy of Driven Force (pty) Ltd, a manufacturing and distribution company whose expertise lie in hand-picked food products. However, we know them as a brand whose values seem to reflect our own.

The brand believe in using only wholesome ingredients in their products, so customers can enjoy the real deal. It’s why they refuse to use flavouring in their pre-mixes. The perfect example of this is their Beer Bread Biltong pre-mix which contains real biltong – or their Pumpkin Fritter pre-mix which is made with dehydrated pumpkin! They’re committed to bringing consumers the ultimate in natural taste and flavour.

For the past few years, they have used a local stoneground flour product in their pre-mixes. But recently, things have changed… From their Beer Bread, through to their Vetkoek variant, Delish Real Food Company now ONLY use Millstone Flour in all 26 of their pre-mix variants. All because Millstone Flour speaks to their core offering.

In fact, Delish Real Food Company will be launching new packaging that includes the Millstone Flour logo. All to make the consumer aware that their products are made with Millstone Stone Ground Flour. The first to receive the newly rebranded Delish Real Foods Company products will be Outdoor Warehouse.

Not only that but they will also be acting as a Millstone Flour distributor, selling our 2.5kg range side by side with their Delish Real Food Company pre-mixes. We look forward to exploring this working relationship with Delish Real Food Company and seeing what our future holds.