Going Rustic with DF Bakery! - Millstone

Many health-conscious consumers are changing their eating habits and adopting a more traditional approach today – choosing organic when possible, making meals from scratch instead of buying convenience foods, and buying, or making, artisanal bread using stone-ground flour. At Millstone, we are so excited by the ever-rising demand (excuse the pun!) for speciality, artisanal breads. We’re also delighted that Le Petit Pain, trading as DF Bakery in Kyalami, Johannesburg, has introduced the Millstone Rustic Artisan Range, using our stone ground flours.

Embracing the demand for good old-fashioned bread, DF Bakery’s Millstone Rustic Artisan Range offers a choice of par-baked frozen breads, making it easy for everyone to include healthy bread in their lives. Ranging from a light, delicate loaf to one with a deep, stronger and more rustic flavour, there is a bread for all preferences. The range includes these delicious options:

– Millstone Rustic Baguette
– Millstone Rustic Brown Baguette
– Millstone Rustic Multigrain Oval Bread
– Millstone Rustic Country Baguette
– Millstone Rustic Ciabatta
– Millstone Rustic Olive Ciabatta
– Millstone Rustic Seeded Rye Bread

DF Bakery’s General Manager, Gawie Erasmus, explained why DF Bakery favours the Millstone brand of flour: “There is growing demand from consumers for products that are more traditional in nature, with an emphasis on healthy, natural ingredients. DF Bakery has introduced the Millstone Rustic Range to address this need.”

“Millstone is created through traditional stone milling, which ensures the integrity, quality, flavour and nutritional value of the flour. Nothing is taken away or added, leaving us with a natural balance of starch, protein, vitamins and fibre. The nutritious wheat germ, which is the life force of the grain, can’t be separated out in stone grinding, giving the flour its characteristic nutty flavour. This enables us to provide our customers with the rustic, artisanal loaves they so enjoy.”

The health benefits of this rustic range are significant: Only the highest quality stone-ground flour, namely Millstone Flour, is used to produce the range and Millstone has no additives or preservatives. In addition, only natural ingredients are used by DF Bakery in creating each batch of rustic dough.

There are so many factors that make this type of food irresistible: Life today is faster in every way, so there is a special enjoyment that comes from eating a slow-mixed, hand-shaped loaf of wood-baked bread. Add to that the taste that comes from a lack of artificial ingredients, and the pleasure is doubled! The fermentation and baking processes enhance the taste and digestibility, while no preservatives, additives or genetically modified ingredients mean that your belly will be as happy as your taste buds.

Look out for the DF Bakery and Millstone stand at the upcoming Macadams International open days in Cape Town, from 20 – 22 April, between 10:0 and 16:00 daily. The stand will display the Millstone Rustic Range, with tasting opportunities. To find out more, go to www.macadams.co.za.

The Millstone Rustic Range is distributed on to retailers, hotel and restaurant chains by DF Bakery through Bidvest Foodservice Multi Temp and Lusitania Food Products. To find out where to purchase it for yourself, contact DF Bakery at http://www.dfbakery.co.za/contact or on +2711 466 2523.