How to serve a beautifully baked loaf of bread - Millstone

Bread can often be one of those staples on the dinner table, that often gets dumped in a basket and forgotten about. You could use the opportunity to increase the appetite appeal on your dinner table by presenting your beautifully baked bread in fun and interesting ways, perhaps even turning the bread into an eye-catching centrepiece.

The simplest method would be to simply slice the bread, the thickness of which will depend on the preference of the persons who are to eat it and arrange the slices on a wooden breadboard. Decorate with dried wheat, mini cheeses, and fruit for a dash of colour.

Various receptacles for placing bread and rolls on the table, such as a bread boat, a bread plate, and a bread basket, are also used to add variety in serving. Whichever of these is selected, it may be improved in appearance by the addition of a white linen cloth. For rolls, a hot-roll cover is both convenient and attractive. Sometimes, especially when a large number of persons are to be served, a roll is placed between the folds of each person’s napkin before they are seated at the table.

Occasionally bread becomes stale before it is needed on the table. Such bread, however, should not be discarded, especially if the loaves are uncut. Uncut loaves of this kind may be freshened by dipping them quickly into boiling water and then placing them in a very hot oven until their surface becomes dry. If desired, slices of bread that have become stale may be steamed in order to freshen them; but unless great care is taken in steaming them the bread is liable to become too moist and soggy.